Why am I not able to find wheels with negative offset for my vehicle?

Our websites will only suggest wheels that have a confirmed fitment for a particular vehicle. Any wheels that may require some modification on the vehicle are not automatically recommended. Some reasons that a wheel may require vehicle modification would be:

  1. Wheel Well Clearance: Negative offset wheels have a wider track width, meaning the wheels are positioned farther out from the vehicle's suspension. This can cause clearance issues with various components within the wheel well, such as suspension parts, brake calipers, or fenders. If the negative offset is too aggressive, the wheels may rub against these components when turning or going over bumps, leading to potential damage or compromised safety.

  2. Fender and Body Modifications: To accommodate negative offset wheels, it may be necessary to make modifications to the fenders or body of the vehicle. This can involve rolling the fender lips, trimming or modifying inner fender liners, or even installing aftermarket fender flares. These modifications are often required to create sufficient clearance for the wider negative offset wheels.

  3. Steering Geometry and Handling: Negative offset wheels can affect the vehicle's steering geometry and handling characteristics. Excessive negative offset can lead to increased scrub radius, which is the distance between the tire's centerline and the steering axis. This can result in changes to steering feel, stability, and potentially impact the vehicle's overall handling performance.

  4. Suspension and Brake Upgrades: Some vehicles may have suspension or brake systems that are not compatible with extreme negative offset wheels. Upgraded or performance-oriented suspension and brake components may have specific clearance requirements that need to be considered when selecting wheels. In such cases, consulting with experts or manufacturers who specialize in aftermarket modifications can help ensure compatibility.

It's important to note that each vehicle has specific fitment requirements, and not all negative offset wheels will be suitable for a particular make and model. To ensure proper fitment and compatibility, it's recommended to consult with our Customer Success team. They can provide guidance on selecting wheels that meet your desired specifications while ensuring safe and proper fitment.


For additional assistance, please reach out to us at our Customer Success contact form, found here:



Our representatives will work with you to find wheels for your vehicle that fit the style you're seeking. 

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