Do I need valve stems for my new wheels?

Thank you for choosing Wheel Pros products for your next adventure. 


One of the key additional pieces of equipment that you'll need for your new set of wheels is valve stems. 


Valve stems are the small, inexpensive, but very important mechanism for maintaining optimum air pressure in your tires through the pre-made valve stem holes in your new wheels. 


Many valve stems are single-use, snap in, and rubber coated. However, screw-in valve stems that are constructed entirely of metal are also available. 


If for some reason your Wheel Pros dealer does not offer valve stems as a part of new wheel installation, we offer them to our distributors via our wheel hardware and accessories brand, Gorilla Auto. 


A parts list for valve stems and related accessories can be found here: 


Any of the part numbers above can be ordered through your Wheel Pros dealer, or via your favorite online retailer. 


We recommend new valve stems be installed upon each mounting of tires to our products - after all, this piece of equipment is both an inexpensive and extremely important part of keeping your tires properly inflated and your vehicle on the road. 

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