What are hub centric rings? Do I need them?

Most aftermarket wheels are manufactured with a center hole that will fit a wide range of vehicles. The hub-centric ring is a piece of equipment used during installation used to help hold the wheel perfectly centered both during installation and road use.

Use of a hub centric ring can help in reducing minor vibrations. Proper installation and torque sequence is required to correctly center a wheel with or without a hub centric ring.

If you need help identifying the correct part number for hub centering rings for your wheels and your vehicle, please open a support ticket with our Customer Success team. You will need to provide the year, make, model and trim of your vehicle, as well as the wheel part number (or dimension specifications of your wheel so that the part number may be identified). 

A parts chart of commonly used hub centering rings can be found at our wheel hardware and accessories brand page here: http://www.gorilla-auto.com/hub-centric-rings 

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